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If you define yourself as a cultural explorer or authentic experiencer, the walking tour to #ExploreMerritt with 27+ historical sites in town will satisfy your curiosity and offer you a valuable local experience. A few heritage properties to visit include the Baillie House, Adelphi Hotel, Armstrong Department Store, Merritt Post Office, and the Coldwater Hotel.


  1. Baillie House

Baillie House

The Merritt Visitor Center at the Baillie House is well-known as a friendly Visitor Centre that offers a public washroom, ice-cream, and picnic area. While here pick up one of many FREE visitor guides, interact with their amazing staff, and purchase some distinctive Nicola Valley souvenirs and local products. As one of the top places to visit while in the area, the Baillie House is one of the oldest properties in the Nicola Valley. On TripAdvisor, tourists frequently comment that the Merritt Visitor Centre deserves 5+ stars for the exceptional service that exceeds their expectations. Whether you are new to town or have been before, the Baillie House is a perfect place to start another exciting trip to explore the hidden gems in Merritt.

Location: 2250 Voght Street

Year: 1908


2. Coldwater Hotel


You will be pleased to come across this historical hotel located in the heart of downtown Merritt. This hotel proudly showcasing the unique architecture since before the incorporation of Merritt as a town. The Coldwater Hotel offers a comfortable sitting area, good food and a convenient location in the downtown core. What could be more authentic than having a meal at a heritage attraction while learning more about the local history?

Location: 1999 Quilchena Avenue

Year: 1910     


3. Armstrong Department Store

Hall of Fame

The Armstrong Department Store is a must-see for any country music fan travelling through the Nicola Valley. This is home to the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame displaying the country music scene in Merritt since the days of the Merritt Mountain Music Festival and now with the Rockin River Music Festival. Let yourself into the world of country music, cowboy life and learn about the other country music attractions in town including the Walks of Stars and Country Music Legend Murals. Here you will find a piece of Canadian Country Music history! 

Location: 2025 Quilchena Avenue

Year: 1910


4. Adelphi Hotel  

rsz pb02 adelphi hotel resized

Photo Courtesy of the Nicola Valley Museum & Archives

Truly immerse yourself in the history of Merritt and the Nicola Valley at Adelphi Hotel. Strongly standing for over 100 years, the Adelphi Hotel is one of the top-visited heritage sites for residents and visitors, located right in downtown Merritt. If you are into culture, history and architecture, the original fireplace, old-fashioned fixtures and luxurious ground floor at the Adelphi Hotel will satisfy your cravings. Visit their Facebook Page to stay updated with the Adelphi Hotel and the new businesses in this historic building.

Location: 2101 Quilchena Ave

Year: 1912


5. Merritt Post Office

Post Office

Photo Courtesy of Bonnie Pryce

Although the Merritt Post Office is a more recent heritage stop, in comparison with some of the other mentioned properties, it is so worth a visit and a picture thanks to its unique structure. Located in downtown Merritt, the Post Office has enticed plenty of visitors to stop and spend more time exploring the heritage attractions and the narrative behind each historic site. 

Location: 2040 Voght Street

Year: 1940


For more information on the 27+ historical sites in Merritt visit or visit the Merritt Visitor Centre at the Baillie House to pick up your own Heritage Walking Tour Map. You will be amazed by how the heritage buildings have been preserved since 1906. We love to share this important part of our community, the new uses some of these heritage buildings have and the other historical buildings throughout the Nicola Valley. Don’t forget to share your Merritt moments with us on social media by using #ExploreMerritt for a chance to be featured.

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