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With a variety of activities to enjoy this beautiful landscape, the fun is endless when you spend time with your lovely puppies in the Nicola Valley. The City of Merritt offers facilities and accessibility from city parks to hiking trails to ensure quality time with your travel besties. Here are some visitor-favourite city parks and trails in the Nicola Valley to help you #ExploreMerritt!

  1. Too Much Info Trail

The Too Much Info Trail ranks the first stop among 120+ trails in Merritt on Trailforks, for not only several outdoor activities but also as a great route to enjoy with your dog. The hike is a lot more fun when you have your hiking friends. This hike will take about 3 hours to the top of Iron Mountain but only about an hour is needed to make your way to the lookouts. If you are seeking a quick hike and rewarding views along the trail, the Too Much Info Trail is a perfect choice!

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  1. Tom Lacey Memorial Trail

In search of a pet-friendly trail for the whole family? The Tom Lacey Memorial Trail is a must-do on your Nicola Valley trail list. Located a short distance from the city center and connected to many other trails along the way, this trail is an easy walk with rewarding views. The Tom Lacey Memorial Trail has become a favourite due to the breath-taking scenery along the way. This trail can take approximately 3 hours to the top of Swakum Mountain for the best viewpoints.

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  1. Sugarloaf Mountain

Can’t decide between mountains and lakes? How about taking a hike starting from Lundbom Lake for a perfect view of Merritt and the beautiful Nicola Valley? An average of 3 hours is suggested to complete this hike, but your furry friends will be excited about being on the trail with you. Sugarloaf Mountain features plenty of amazing views along the way and on top of the mountain.

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  1. Kane Valley

If you love a little bit more challenging hike to exercise with your dog, Kane Valley is a great option. With over 50 km of trails, Kane Valley is both a Summer and Winter wonderland for everyone to explore the beautiful Nicola Valley. The trail will take approximately 4 hours and the incredible lakes, pine and aspen trees will not disappoint. Give it a try while you can make your way down through connecting trails along the way.

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  1. Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park

Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park is considered as one of the most popular and frequently visited areas to visit. There are plenty of outdoor activities here including fishing, paddle boarding, camping, and hiking you can have fun with your pets. It is an easy hike within an hour to complete while circling the lake with a dreamlike turquoise colour often photographed. Please keep in mind that pets must be on-leash in Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park. There is a great Explore Trails in Merritt BC video on the Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park to inspire you pre-trip.

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  1. Merritt Off-leash Dog Park

If you are looking for an option for your furry friends to enjoy leash off, the local Merritt Dog Park is your place to be. Located near the City of Merritt Public Works yard, this designated fenced park is a great space to start or end your walking tour of Merritt with your dogs. This wide-open space allows your puppies to get out some energy and play with other pets.

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  1. Coldwater River Trail

You miss out a lot if you have not utilized Claybanks RV Park and visiting the Coldwater River Trail locating within a short distance from Merritt city center. Located along the Coldwater River, this pet-friendly, handicap-accessible campground and RV Park is filled with trees and spacious sites. The trail curves with the winding of the Coldwater River and is a pleasure to stroll no matter the time of year. Please keep in mind that pets must be on-leash during your visit. To see the trail before your visit there is an Explore Trails in Merritt BC video on the Coldwater River Trail.

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Merritt is a puppy-friendly city with a variety of facilities and accessibility available to enjoy. We highly encourage you to visit Tourism Merritt or drop by the Merritt Visitor Center at the Baillie House to chat with the amazing team to learn about the best spot for you and your fur friends to explore.

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