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"Create-Communicate-Connect" Merritt Youth Arts Festival - Drama Showcase

2 Performances – 1 Night!

Come and watch these students perform 2 plays in 1 night!

In these plays you will see just exactly what it is like to be inside the minds of teenagers...

Play 1: “It’s All in Your Head” Written by Frannie Dove and Directed by Courtney Fauteux

In the prefrontal cortex Emotion runs wild, Focus can’t focus, and planning is losing his mind. Together, the feelings of Drew Peterson, a high school boy, must team up to accomplish the most difficult task: to successfully ask a girl out on a date. Will Impulse be able to keep the team in line? Will Insight and Judgement remain balanced? Will Empathy finally participate in something? The stakes are high, but will Drew’s brain be able to figure this out?

Cast and Crew

Sajjin Lali- Planning

Cienna Warrington-Wright- Focus

Mike Sterling- Impulse

Jamie Bennett- Judgment

Eva Manuel- Insight

Nikki Blachford- Empathy

Shila Ball- Emotion

Kuran Natt- Drew Peterson

Kristi Hall- Miss Treble

Coralyn Collins- Kendra/Caroline

Crew: Darren Gauthier and Donald Hobson working lights and curtains.

Play 2: “The Secret Life of Caterina Brown” Written by Sandy Barker and Directed by Courtney Fauteux

This is the story if a teenage girl in love with Chad, the most popular boy in school. Caterina cannot believer her luck when she gets assigned to perform the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet with Chad. When her best friend James professes his love for her in a poem, Caterina mistakenly thinks that Chad wrote it. Will Caterina’s dreams finally come true? Or will it be her worst nightmare? This character driven comedy for teens explores insecurity, popularity, friendship and loyalty.

Cast and Crew

Nikki Blachford- Caterina Brown

Eva Manuel- Cat's conscience

Kristi Hall- Mom/Skye

Jamie Bennett- Dad/Diet Coke

Shila Ball- Bronte

Mike Sterling- James

Sajjin Lali- Salman

Kuran Natt- Chad/Referee

Coralyn Collins- Tiffany

Donald Hobson- Donut

Crew: Darren Gauthier- Lights

Event Properties

Event Date 05-09-2019 7:00 pm
* Event Contact School District 58 Nicola-Similkameen
* Phone Number 250-378-5161
* Location Merritt Secondary School

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